Re-Sale Weeks

Currently there are individual floating weeks available for purchase at only  $3,575.00 each in a 2 bedroom  1 bathroom apartment and includes free membership to Dial an Exchange.

This is the cheapest week available in the resort at present and all weeks are subject to prior sale. Prices are accurate at time of listing.

There is also a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom week shortly to be listed for sale for $3,990.00 + legals

 A 20% deposit (payable to a solicitors trust account) is required on signing the sales contract with the balance due approximately 45 to 60 days thereafter.

Club Noosa Resort is a title deed based Timeshare Ownership Resort which means you receive a title deed just the same as your own residence, as a tenant in common in the entire resort.

You also receive a share in the Sunshine Timeshare Club Limited which is the operating entity. It is this instrument that gives you the right to use the resort for one week or more throughout the year depending on the number of weeks you own. Legal fees (once only) are not included in the prices above. A floating week at Club Noosa allows you to holiday anytime during the year, other than some fixed week periods.

These fixed periods are usually Christmas the New Year and Australian September School Holidays. You can reserve your holiday a maximum of 10 months in advance with the main benefit being you can reserve your preferred apartment in the resort. Club Noosa is considered a very high demand resort by all exchange companies with whom we are affiliated because of its location, amenities, facilities and of course... friendly staff.

Exchange companies Club Noosa is affiliated with are: Resort Condominiums International (RCI) Interval International (II) 7 Across, formerly (DAE). It is a very difficult resort to exchange into from other resorts as most of our owners have purchased with the intention of holidaying at Club Noosa most years. This results in Club Noosa being in high very demand when an owner wishes to exchange into another resort either within Australasia or Internationally through the exchange companies above. We have approximately 1,200 owners who reside in the following locations: Australia New Zealand United Kingdom United States Dubai Hong Kong China Switzerland Singapore.  

More information regarding weeks available can be obtained by contacting Derek Feldmann ( Resort Manager )  

0754-475-377 or 0412-669-531 Email: